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Brand DJI
Model Name DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter Drone
Color White
Video 4K
Connectivity Technology DJI Lightbridge Video Downlink
Special Feature Auto-return, follow-me, fpv-capable, gps, image-stabilization, integrated-camera, video-downlink-capable
  • 4k UHD video recording with fully stabilized 3-axis gimbal; Vision Positioning system allows stable flight indoors
  • Lightbridge digital streaming allows live viewing of 720p video (full resolution video is simultaneously recorded on the internal microSD card)
  • Included flight battery and rechargable remote controller means this system is ready to fly out of the box.
  • DJI Pilot app for iOS and Android allows live viewing and complete camera control (phone/tablet sold separately; see DJI's website for compatible models)

  • Smith

    Reviewed from USA on February-08-2022

    I originally purchased this product in January, and immediately fell in love with it. Having never flown a quadcopter before, I admit I was a bit intimidated by it at first. After reading the paperwork that came with it, I took it outside for its first flight. With my heart racing, I used the auto-takeoff feature and lightly moved the controls. With that, all fears or worries were eased. This thing practically flies itself! It does take a little while to master all the features this drone has, but that's a good thing. It allows you to learn and perfect one thing at a time, and you'll start to feel like a pro as you start to put it all together. I love it

  • Carter

    Reviewed from Canada on November-18-2021

    What a dream to fly This thing is a dream to fly. Charged the flight battery, charged the Remote Controller, updated firmware, and away I went on my first flight. Simple to control, beautiful 12MP images and amazing 4k videos.The camera even does well with longer exposures for night time stills over the city. With the flight logging capability, I see that I have flown a total of 99 thousand feet (nearly 19 miles) so far. Maximum range I've reached so far is right at a mile away with 100% RC control and HD Video signal. Super stable in the wind too even in gusts to 35mph, though the landings that day were a little "exciting". This is not a toy, the props can do serious damage to human flesh, your dog, and the neighbor's cat. Fly responsibly!

  • Kennedy

    Reviewed from South Africa on February-15-2022

    I have to say I love this quadcopter. After many days of watching videos and dreaming of owning one I decided to make the purchase! Got the best deal here on Whelow. I love this toy. The camera quality is truly a professional grade. It is fast. It is fun. I really like the feature that allows you to stream live to facebook. All my Facebook friends think it is awesome too. I literally find something new on this thing every time I fly it. It has multiple automated flight modes. GPS tracking. Return to home function. You really have to be sucky at flying this thing to crash it, or flying it in a place that you never should have been. I flew this thing out a couple of miles and lost signal. I have to admit I was very nervous and thought that I would never see this toy again. As I was kicking myself in the butt and walking back in the house thinking that I just lost the most expensive toy I had ever purchased and BOOM! my video feed came back. The drone was flying itself home. What a great feature. If you are even remotely interested in a drone this one is great. All in all. Super happy. Love it and definitely recommend it to anyone that wants to buy a drone.

  • Harris

    Reviewed from South Africa on March-16-2022

    This is my first Drone and I must say that after the initial trials of getting the firmware updated on the Drone, Drone Camera, Batteries and Controller that this drone was very easy to learn to fly. I have only had it out 3 times now but I have thoroughly enjoyed flying this drone and I am amazed at how steady the video is when flying it. I would recommend this drone to anyone who is in the market for one. I chose this one for the 4K video camera and I have not been disappointed! would give it a 4 star rating because it wasn't delivered on time.

  • Rodrigues

    Reviewed from Australia on July-12-2022

    Great drone for the price This drone shoots quality 4K video and flying it is a breeze. There are many different modes to help you get the shot that your looking for. It can fly over 2 miles no problem without losing connection or video feed. No matter if you are a hobbyist or professional this drone is for you!

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